Carpet & Rug Binding

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Create a top quality custom area rug for your home with cutting-edge binding services from Angell Carpet and Rug Binding.


You can choose any floor covering material that suits you and have it cut into any shape or size to produce the precise finished product that you need.


How does carpet binding work?

During the binding process a 1 1/4’ strip of tape will be sewn to your carpet or rug to create a clean finish. Binding will prevent your rug from unraveling or fraying. Binding tape comes in a huge selection of colors for you to choose from to ensure the binding process compliments your overall design.

- Repurpose leftover carpet to create rugs

- Create protective rugs to prevent wear and tear

- Prevent any type of floor covering from fraying

- Ensure that your new rug lasts for decades

- Put a professional finish on your custom design

To place your order for carpet binding today call:  210-657-RUGS (7847)

Benefits of carpet binding: